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With fleet monitoring solutions, you can easily and remotely manage your fleet and optimize its operations. It will be a piece of cake to automate tracking your tracks and analyzing the data you obtain with these solutions.

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What is a Fleet Management System?

What is a Fleet Management System?

The goal of the fleet monitoring system is to increase the productivity and efficiency of the business's remote operations. Its associated solutions ensure the consignments are delivered in a timely and safe manner. You can even improve your fuel consumption and reduce it through engine maintenance with the use of solutions like fuel monitoring and management.

Managers may monitor the precise location of assets and vehicles in real time, along with comprehensive diagnostic data, by utilizing the software's features. With warnings, alerts and notifications, a driver behavior monitoring system helps you keep tabs on driving incidents such as reckless driving. Time and effort can be greatly reduced by using these solutions, which automate the majority of the job, such as allocating operations and tracking.

What are the Solutions Offered by the Fleet Monitoring System

When investing in a GPS fleet management system, ensure that the solutions offered are
technically advanced and will help your business scale.

Fuel Monitoring Solutions

Use fleet fuel management software to reduce fuel expenses and stop fuel theft. Fleet managers are immediately notified whenever there is an unexpected change in the fuel level. Additionally, through the automated solution, the software automatically determines the amount of fuel used and wasted because of idling.

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Driver Behaviour Monitoring System

Effectively supervise your drivers and the fleet of vehicles you own. With fleet driver management software, you can monitor and review driver behavior as well as any potential irregularities. Every time a driver accelerates suddenly, corners sharply, or drives carelessly, it records and reports insights.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring
Video Telematics Software

Video Telematics Software

Get a 360-degree view of your fleet with dashcams oriented toward the road and driver. Because video telematics uses DMS and ADAS, it helps avoid reckless driving. This allows supervisors to be notified anytime one of their drivers is intoxicated, sleepy, or inattentive. That could result in accidents.

Route Planning Solutions

Logistics companies depend on optimised routes, and fleet management systems can help you make your planned routes better by geofencing key locations, offering precise ETAs, and multi-format PODs. Even when the driver veers off the assigned routes, managers are notified.

Route Planning Solutions
Asset Tracking Solutions

Asset Tracking Solutions

Use fleet monitoring solutions to ensure the consignment's safety and automate its tracking. Additionally, managers receive real-time alerts whenever there is a fluctuation in temperature when carrying temperature-sensitive goods. When transporting temperature-sensitive goods, managers can receive real-time alerts whenever there is temperature fluctuation and when gates are opened.

Essential Features Provided By White Label Fleet Management System

It's critical to consider the features as well as the solutions offered when choosing a fleet monitoring system.

  • Vehicle Diagnostics

    Get real-time information about the condition of the vehicle and engine, fuel usage, tire pressure, etc. These diagnostics are made even more precise by OBD.

  • Geofences

    Set up geofencing at all the important locations so you'll know when vehicles enter and exit. Time theft is reduced thanks to it.

  • Vehicle Safety

    Vehicle and truck safety is guaranteed via immobilization, parking mode, and live streaming.

  • Driver Management

    Analyse and save all of the driver's information in one location. It is possible to store performance reports, assigned task reports, and important documents as well.

  • Custom Alerts

    Customise your notifications and alerts to fit the needs of your company. Consolidated reports on these alerts are also available.

  • Access Management

    The manager decides who and how much data is accessible. They even have the option to enable or disable certain functions for dealers, users, etc.

Industries To Benefit From

The Custom Fleet Management System

Fleet management software is becoming more and more popular because of how convenient and automated it makes operations. Additionally, the flow of real-time data and lucrative management make it a big hit.

  • Logistics and Transport

    Fleet vehicle management software is a critical need for logistics and transport organizations. Since they can simply manage their fleet and increase client satisfaction with it.

  • Mining and Construction

    Monitor every expensive piece of equipment used on building sites. Moreover, tracks engine hours and enhances the visibility of construction site vehicle activity.

  • FMCG

    The consignment's route, fuel, and safety can all be tracked with the aid of a fleet management platform. Refrigerated carriers have sensors placed inside to monitor the temperature.

  • Agriculture

    The area that the machinery ploughs is automatically calculated by the farming fleet management system. To keep your equipment from straying over the boundary, you can even geofence the restricted area.

  • Waste Collection

    Vehicles dedicated to trash management have to timely collect, carefully process, and dispose of waste in an organised manner. Even the weight of the garbage the truck is carrying is calculated by the software.

  • Rental Vehicles

    Employ GPS fleet tracking software to prevent theft of rental vehicles. In the event that the rental vehicle is stolen or deviates from the assigned route, you will receive instant notifications.

  • Public Transportation

    Optimize the public vehicle's path to assist save time and fuel. Even the routes used by public transportation can be geofenced to keep them from veering off the path.

  • Medical and Healthcare

    Get pharmaceuticals and medical supplies delivered promptly, safely, and without contamination with the aid of fleet management solutions.

What Makes US the Top Fleet Management System

A lot of questions might arise when you plan to shift to the best fleet management system, like will it help my business grow? Or is it compatible with other software? It makes seamless as possible it's advisable to always use the best software.

  • High Scalability

    Using software that offers you cutting-edge, technically advanced solutions will enable you to scale your company and increase profits twofold.

  • 24x7 Support

    Our software offers the constant support of experts. They can swiftly resolve any glitch that might arise while using the software.

  • Customisability

    Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we provide elastic customization of features and solutions.

  • Compatibility

    Our software is compatible with 1000+ software and 500+ hardware, making it the best fleet management systems.

Fleet Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

To have clear-cut viability of the fleet on the road its always advisable and best to install multiple sensors. Sensors are responsible for monitoring the use of seatbelts, driver behaviour and performance and a number of internal and external factors like vehicle health.
For example, GPS must be installed for real time locational updates, dashcams will provide visual telematics and OBD is required for engine health diagnostics.

It is always advisable to adopt the best fleet management system in the market. The reason is that it offers per-vehicle-based subscription charges, which are budget friendly and do not burn a hole in the pocket.
Additionally, we offers a trial or demo before investing. This helps you understand the features and solutions offered.

If you want more information than just location and clear visibility, we do not recommend manual fleet monitoring. The shortcomings of manual tracking include data fabrication and inaccuracy. Neither automation nor error-free operation are present in it.
On the other hand, the truck fleet management system provides in-depth diagnostic reports that include information on driver behavior, fuel consumption, vehicle health, operational automation, and route optimization. Additionally, the program can help increase customer satisfaction and reduce fuel and time theft.

No, there is no limit to the number of vehicles that our system can track. Its solutions do not weaken with the increasing number of trucks, the more, the merrier. First of all, our software does not track fleets below 500, and secondly, it makes it easy for managers to analyze the performance of its vast fleet through consolidated real time reports.